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As someone who reads a lot I also follow other people’s blogs. I only follow or subscribe to a few blogs, but these are the blogs I like reading for various reasons. And today I want to share these blogs with you. In no particular order – here are my favourite blogs:

  1. Zero to blogger by British social media expert Sarah Arrow. Her blog is the go-to blog for aspiring and existing bloggers. It is full of useful advice and Sarah is extremely generous with her knowledge. As a subscriber you get free bonuses to download and she updates her blog frequently. I don’t always read her updates straight away, but file her emails for when I find the time. I always learn something new to improve or change on my own blog and have found it very useful. I came across Sarah’s blog when I bought her Kindle book “Zero to Social Media” (written with Warren Cass) and ended up friending her on FB. Sarah also founded “Birds on the blog” a blog I also follow. It is aimed at business women and also allows guest posts. Something I hopefully get around to writing.
  2. Jewelery Making Journal – by American jewelry designer Rena Klingenberg. I have followed this blog since I started my jewellery design business and also have most of her e-books on selling and marketing jewellery. Rena’s blog is a great source for jewellery designers and people who simply love wearing jewellery. Rena is very generous with advice and also starts interesting discussions plus her blog has also a great community. Designers are welcome to post questions and their own designs and often get support and help by other designers. Well worth a visit. Which reminds me – I should contribute another of my own designs to the blog.
  3. Love Meow I know, I know – I have mentioned this blog before in another post about my favourite cat websites, but I really love this one. If you love cats this is bound to cheer you up and make you go “aww”. I often share their posts on my Facebook page as most of my likers love cats and they have so many heart-warming stories on there like this one about an alpaca who grew up with cats or this one about a cat who was born with backwards legs or this one about Morrison’s own store cat Brutus So if you’re having a bad day – check out this blog – it’ll put a smile on your face.
  4. Gateway Women by journalist Jody Day. I first came across Jody Day a few years ago via an article she had written for “The Guardian” about what it means to childless by circumstance. It resonated with me and I eventually joined her private Gateway Women community. Joining this community had helped me to cope with my own situation. The women are a huge support – I had many heartfelt replies when I had to deal with my miscarriage last year. I even managed to meet with some women where I live. Gateway Women is an important community and Jody’s blog posts deal with all aspects of childlessness. Her own positive example shows that women can have a meaningful life without children. She created an interesting Pinterest board of role models who had/have no children – check it out, you will be surprised by some of the amazing ladies featured.If only there was a similar community for men, but then maybe they just are not as affected by the issue or simply don’t like to talk about it.
  5. The Blue Bottle Tree by polymer clay artist Ginger Davis Allman. As someone who loves working with polymer clay I also follow other artists. Ginger Davis Allman is a very talented lady,who not only creates stunning jewellery, but also sells tutorials. I came across her blog .. well she introduced herself to me on my Facebook page. So she likes my page which is nice to know. I follow her blog, because Ginger is very generous with her experience as a clay artist and the blog is full of useful advice and some free tutorials like for example this oneShe also tests tools and new materials. For a clayer this blog is a valuable resource. Though some of the stuff she tests and writes about is not available in the UK, because Ginger lives in the USA. Below you can find my first attempt at making my own tool handles using the Natasha bead method as described in this post.
I made these following one of Ginger's tutorials. These still need sanding. copyright Helen White
I made these following one of Ginger’s tutorials. These still need sanding. copyright Helen White

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and might find some of these links interesting or useful. Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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  1. Jody Day
    | Reply

    Hi Helen
    Thanks for the lovely mention!
    I’m so glad that Gateway Women has been such a support to you.
    Hugs, Jody x

  2. Ginger Davis Allman
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for including me in your top 5 blogs list. I’m honored! I love the colors you used for your tool handles, very pretty. My kitties (all sitting here around me at the moment) send love to your Bobby!

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