My plans for this year

You can call them plans, projects or even resolutions – these are the things I want to do or achieve this year. Some of these have been on lists I made in the past, which just goes to show that it’s not always possible to achieve everything. This year I keep my list short and sweet.

Lose weight – ideally 10 kilos- and keep fit and healthy. I bet this is on most people’s list. Today I weighed myself for the first time in 8 months or so (I had to buy a new battery, and that took weeks.) and it was a massive wake up call. So banished are sweets and crisps. I am also contemplating having a personal trainer for a short while to kick start an exercise regime. I am not fond of exercise and when I am ill I have to wait for days until I feel well enough to exercise.  As keeping track of what you eat is still the best way of reducing the amount of rubbish you eat I have signed up with the free website and next week I will have a session with a personal trainer.

Learn to play the Ukulele – I bought it last year, have an instructional DVD, just have to get on with it.

Support actively a charity – I am waiting for an application pack from Tenovus.

Socialise more with people – I realise that working from home can really make me stir crazy. I love it at home and being with our moggie, but I do miss human contact. Note to self: Facebook friends are not a substitute to friends you meet up with and talk to on the phone. Though I would love to meet some of my FB friends in real life.

Write  the novel I started in 2009 when I took part in two different fiction courses – of which I enjoyed the Open University course the most.

Get more writing work.

Create lots of gorgeous jewellery and grow my jewellery business.

Actively support more good causes and campaigns such as this one by Animal Aid which urges supermarkets to install CCTV cameras in their slaughterhouses

So this is my list. During the cause of this year I will let you know on this blog how I get on with each of these. However I will also continue to write about Bobby and what she’s up to. At the moment she is not happy about the weather and snoozes under our bed cover. She likes her little tent.

Have a good start to the New Year and let me know what you have planned for 2011.

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  1. Etali
    | Reply

    It sounds like you’ve got some great goals!

    Good luck with your fitness regime. A good personal trainer can be a boon when it comes to motivation.

    Props for learning an instrument. I usually do finish what I start, but music drives me nuts! I’ve been trying to learn the guitar for years but for some reason keep giving up, and when I start again it’s like starting from the beginning.

    Good luck with the novel too!

    • helen
      | Reply

      I have a beautiful acoustic and an electric guitar (got that when I finished my A-levels – that’s how old that is!). I had lessons when I was about 12, but not for long. 4 years ago I took up guitar lessons again – but because of money reasons and because I didn’t appreciate my tutor puffing away on his cigarettes while teaching I decided not to continue with him. That last lesson I already told him I had a migraine on the way. A normal person would just not smoke at all. Thought that was not very professional. I have a really good dvd for Ukulele, plus there are tons of good websites out there with chords etc. I was thinking if I can learn Ukulele I will get back to guitar.

  2. Fitoru
    | Reply

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