Bobby at the vet’s – update

The whole week we thought Bobby was back to normal. We received the little Kenwood mixer and fed her mashed up Sardines and she loved it. Unfortunately her symptoms returned yesterday in the late afternoon, which was quite distressing for us.

When we went to bed, Bobby jumped on board and calmed down – I think her own purring helped her to ease her pain a bit.

Luckily we managed to get a vet’s appointment for today. He told us that symptoms could return, injected an analgesic for her pain (Rimadyl) which should get rid of her pain within 24 hours and he also gave us two tablets to keep just in case. He thinks we are doing all the right things but suggested to change to a prescription food which helps to break down crystals and acidity in the urine. So he prescribed Bobby Royal Canin – Urinary S/O High Dilution which is specifically formulated for FLUDT. He also generally recommended this brand as their other dry foods also contains the S/O index which helps breaking down crystals and acidity. Which is great, because Bobby loves her crunchies. We have now decided to phase out the other brands she usually eat and replace them with the Royal Canin. … Read More

Bobby at the emergency vet…

In my last blog I mentioned that we had to take Bobby to the vet on Saturday and now I’d like to tell you why.

When we got home from the craft fair she greeted us as usual with her delightful chirruping voice, but not long after, she started to show some odd behaviour. She went to the litter tray, tried to wee, then stormed outside – squatted again to wee, but couldn’t, then she ran back into the house. This went on for quite some time – her back fur stood up dinosaur-like – until we realised that she obviously couldn’t wee at all. We rang Valley Vets, a surgery which is thankfully not far from where we live, and were advised to bring her in.… Read More

Bobby has a new friend – so it seems

It looks like Bobby has found herself a little pet mouse (well that’s pure assumption) in the garden under all the plants and she spends ages just watching that particular spot. So far we couldn’t make out in the dark (cause it’s only in the evenings she watches whatever it is) what animal she is observing, but we have this image of a cute mouse just hovering there, eating, while Bobby looks at it trying to befriend it. I don’t see why it is not possible. After all the animal world is full of stories of unusual friendships… … Read More

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