Kangaroo Dundee – The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

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As you know I love animals – and one animal I always wanted to see is the kangaroo. So when I travelled to New Zealand 13 years ago I had a stopover in Sydney for four days and took the chance to go on a trip to the Blue Mountain National Park. Here I saw lots of cute grey kangaroos who were quite used to visitors and you could get really close to them. The grey kangaroos are of course much smaller than the red ones, but the red ones can only be found in the arid areas of Australia. So seeing a red one in real life (and not just in a zoo) is still on my list of animals I want to meet. And for this I would have to fly out to Alice Springs.

A few weeks ago I watched the two-part documentary “Kangaroo Dundee” on the BBC about the amazing rescue work of Brolga (Chris Barnes), who lives in Australia’s outback in Alice Springs. Brolga rescues orphaned and injured red joeys, he often finds on Australia’s roads and gives them a second chance by raising them like a kangaroo mum would.

He started his Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre in 2005 and has now got his own wildlife sanctuary, which he built in 2009-11. His rescued mob of 25 kangaroos enjoys 90 acres of untouched bush land. Brolga, who looks a bit like Australia’s answer to Patrick Swayze, lives in very basic accommodation which resembles a shed and shares it with kangaroo babies day and night where he is constantly tending to the needs of his vulnerable charges.

Kangaroos, similar to baby elephants, take a lot of time to grow and need a lot of warmth and motherly love, so Brolga keeps them in pillow cases to simulate the mum’s warm and safe pouch. The film followed him rescuing baby William from his dead mum’s pouch who was killed on the road to his final release back to the wild.… Read More

Spotlight on…Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales)

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The charity Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales) was founded by Kirsty Thomas in 2004 and officially registered in 2006. During her training as a vet nurse Kirsty noticed that many healthy animals were being needlessly euthanized in local pounds. Initially she tried to find homes for these animals with friends and family, but soon realised there were too many animals in need. She gave up her training to dedicate herself full-time to saving animals. Four Paws mainly rescues and re-homes dogs and due to the recession the number of dogs in need is steadily growing. I talked to Adoption Co-ordinator Seran Davies about the charity’s rescue work. … Read More

Spotlight on..Welsh independent animal charity Friends of the Animals RCT.

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The current economic climate means that it’s harder for charities to get the cash strapped public to donate. This especially affects the smaller charities and voluntary organisations which get little exposure in the media. One of them I’d like to draw your attention to, especially if you are living in Wales, is “Friends of the Animals RCT”, which is not a registered charity yet.

Eileen Jones started this organisation in 2003 when her micro-chipped Yorkshire Terrier Sophie went missing. Despite her efforts of finding her by putting up posters and distributing leaflets Sophie never returned.… Read More

Bobby at the emergency vet…

In my last blog I mentioned that we had to take Bobby to the vet on Saturday and now I’d like to tell you why.

When we got home from the craft fair she greeted us as usual with her delightful chirruping voice, but not long after, she started to show some odd behaviour. She went to the litter tray, tried to wee, then stormed outside – squatted again to wee, but couldn’t, then she ran back into the house. This went on for quite some time – her back fur stood up dinosaur-like – until we realised that she obviously couldn’t wee at all. We rang Valley Vets, a surgery which is thankfully not far from where we live, and were advised to bring her in.… Read More

Cats and Snow

It’s snowing and the country is in panic mode. I really don’t get it. It snows every winter – so by now everyone should be kind of – well prepared. In Germany when it snows and you want to use your car by law you have to have winter tyres. Anyway the news is full of snow features, but what about our furry friends – in my case – our cat?… Read More

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