The making of my sheep sculptures

In today’s post I am sharing with you how I made my sheep sculptures. Wales is well known for its castles and of course its sheep, so it was only a question of time that I eventually decided to make … Read More

Polymer clay sculptures: part 2

In this second part of my two part series I share with you how I made the sculptures you can buy in the shop. One of the first sculptures I made was this gecko sculpture – the body was created … Read More

Polymer clay sculptures: part 1

I have recently started teaching myself how to sculpt with polymer clay. It makes a welcome change from designing jewellery – I also find it way more challenging. To teach myself the basics I have used a book by artist … Read More

Walking your cat – is more common than you think

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that my husband and I walk our cat Bobby not only in the neighbourhood, but also in the local forest. We started this at an early age with her mainly because we live on a very busy road and have seen dead cats on it in the past – so didn’t want her to roam around. She still raises eyebrows when we are out and about, but I don’t care, plus often we get positive comments and compliments for our gorgeous moggie.

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Snakes in the Studio.

Working with polymer clay is fun but also very time consuming. My latest pendants were originally planned as rings. I wanted to make snake rings, however on the day I couldn’t find my ring mandrel and had to improvise and because the snakes are not that thin they ended up being very small in diameter – mainly size I which is very small indeed. So I now sell them as pendants.… Read More