Happy New Year

In the run up to our departure we were not even sure if we should drive through the snow all the way from Cardiff to Stansted to get the plane to Cologne. It was snowing heavily in the morning, but we decided to go anyway, because our flight was not cancelled. We just got through the worst, if we’d set off an hour later and we would have been caught in massive traffic jams and possibly an accident.… Read More

Cats and Snow

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It’s snowing and the country is in panic mode. I really don’t get it. It snows every winter – so by now everyone should be kind of – well prepared. In Germany when it snows and you want to use your car by law you have to have winter tyres. Anyway the news is full of snow features, but what about our furry friends – in my case – our cat?… Read More

Bobby has a new friend – so it seems

It looks like Bobby has found herself a little pet mouse (well that’s pure assumption) in the garden under all the plants and she spends ages just watching that particular spot. So far we couldn’t make out in the dark (cause it’s only in the evenings she watches whatever it is) what animal she is observing, but we have this image of a cute mouse just hovering there, eating, while Bobby looks at it trying to befriend it. I don’t see why it is not possible. After all the animal world is full of stories of unusual friendships… … Read More

Bobby in a box

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Our cat Bobby is incredibly nosey and likes small boxes – she even sleeps in them. I thought I share a few photos of her which we took a couple of weeks ago.

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