What I like and don’t like about my new toy – the Kindle Fire HD

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Last Christmas I went over to the “dark side” and asked for a Kindle Fire HD as a present. My dad is a gadget fan and was surprised by my wish, but happy to buy it for me. He has an e-reader, but from a different company.

Thing is – I am not really much into gadgets. For me my laptop is a means to an end – it’s mainly a business tool. We bought a Wii for my parents-in-law two years ago, in the hope they would use it – but after three months of it sitting unopened in their cupboard they returned to us. My husband mainly uses it, but we only have three games for it.

So why on earth did I want a Kindle? Well – I love reading and a lot of books I read are non-fiction guides for business, craft, and marketing – that sort of thing. A lot of these types of books are available for e-readers like the Kindle. What’s more you can also upload – or side-load as it is called- e-books in pdf format onto the device. And at 32GB the Kindle Fire HD offers plenty of space for a lot of books. It frees up space in our house too and the books are also stored on Amazon’s cloud (so you can access them in case you delete them on your device). Amazon also offers the opportunity to just order sample chapters to see what the books are like before you order, there is always a special deal on and a lot of books can be found free on Kuforum.… Read More

New blog: why I revamped my blog

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I have recently read a couple of e-books about blogging and among them “299 Steps To Blogging Heaven” by social media expert Nikki Pilkington. The book is a few years old and some of the links no longer work but it is full of great advice for people new to blogging and people like me who want to get more traffic to their blog. I read the book in one sitting, made tons of notes and decided it’s time for a blog makeover.

So what has changed?

I kept “Graphene” as my theme, because it works well, has a neat slide function and lets me customise the header. However I have changed the layout – so now I have two widget side panels instead of one and I included a neat little widget that links to my jewellery website. I have changed the header image as the paw image from my old layout was difficult to see. I also decided to leave the background white instead of filling it with image tiles as it looks tidier this way.

You can now contact me via the contact page. I have also included a review page calling out for jewellery or craft suppliers who want me to review their tools and kits and a page calling out for guest bloggers. … Read More