The making of – my polymer clay flower earrings.

A few weeks ago a friend and customer of mine asked me to re-create a pair of earrings for her friend. The petals on one earring were broken and they looked quite worn out and dirty. I had a look at them and discovered that they were made from a different material (not polymer clay), it was white underneath layers of colour. To figure out how to make these I had to take them apart. And then I just played around and experimented. I bought a freesia cutter to use for the top bit and used a small round cutter for the bottom bit. I also changed the design as I don’t want to copy things.

After finishing this pair I mailed my friend the images and she was happy with the result. Which gave me the idea to make more of these but changing the design and use mainly polymer clay.… Read More

15 things you can do to get your creative mojo back.

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You probably heard of writer’s block, but, just like writers, artists and crafters can hit a creative block and you simply don’t know what to design next. So here are some simple ideas to get your creative juices flowing again.

Have notebook on hand – Wherever you are, whether at home, in bed or out and about, take a notebook with you to capture your ideas. Often I get the best ideas for designs when I can’t sleep, so having scraps of paper or a notebook next to you on your bedside table comes in handy. This is also useful when you are ill and have to take an enforced break.
Visit galleries and museums – This is not only a fun activity, but can also be inspirational.
Check out the work of your peers – Obviously this is not to copy their designs, just another way to get inspired.… Read More

10 things you can do for your business, when you can’t create

There comes a time when a crafter is unable to create due to health or other reasons. I recently experienced this and had to limit my designs and production of new items to a bare minimum. To say that I was extremely frustrated (apart from being in a lot of pain) is an understatement, however I realised very quickly that I had to pace myself and avoid certain activities like anything that involves bending over at the bench and long stretches in front of the laptop. At the same time I also realised that I had to use my time simply for other areas of my business. I’d like to share with you the 10 things you can do when you can’t create your craft items.… Read More

Polydays 2012 Part 3 – Alison Gallant’s Reversible Necklace

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Polydays organiser Alison Gallant taught our group on the final “Polyday”. Alison is an internationally renowned British polymer clay artist with over 20 years of claying experience. She is also a regular contributor of “Making Jewellery” magazine and I have attended a course of hers before a few years ago – I have also written about this for Making Jewellery.
For the “Polydays” Alison chose an elaborate and quite complicated project – a necklace that can be worn in two different ways as the beads all have two sides – a rough black dome shaped and the flat front. Complicated, because it requires several steps of preparation and baking.… Read More

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