My social media free week – update

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A week ago I decided to have a break from all social media to see how I manage without Facebook and co.

So how did it go?

I stuck to my plan, but forgot that my blog is connected to “Networked Blogs” which sends automated updates to FB and Twitter. And my page is connected to the “Fan of the Week” app which also automatically posted to my wall. So you could still see updates, but it wasn’t really me updating these. Apart from this slight oversight it went well.

I had more time to get things done and managed to tick off most items of my long to do list (see first blog post). I met with a friend in town for coffee, bought two new pairs of jeans, “Art Jewelry” and “Writing Magazine”, prepared and published blog posts, sorted tons of admin, prepared and edited interviews for UK Handmade and read some of my e-books. I also wrote two issues of my newsletter, one to prompt people to unsubscribe, and one which is going out today. I also finished a bracelet for a customer and sorted new cover photos for my FB page. … Read More

My DIY glasses repair

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Glasses are something I don’t tend to buy every year and I bought my last pair, which came with a free frame (the free is always misleading as you still pay for the lenses), about two years ago. Unfortunately one of my arms snapped – just next to the hinge. I thought this should be a doddle to repair for the company I bought them from (Glasses Direct). So I rang them and they sent me a free return slip to fill in so I can send the glasses off for repair. Two days later they rang me and told me that they neither can repair them nor replace the frames as they no longer sell them. But if I want I could take advantage of their latest offer and buy a new pair, but I would have to hurry.
I still have a spare pair which I am wearing right now and simply don’t want a replacement as I am perfectly happy with my other pair. So I decided to repair them myself – or rather my husband offered to do it for me. I have plenty of different super glues among them E6000 and 2-part Epoxy, which I chose. My husband only needed to mix a tiny amount of it together, dab it carefully into the small hole the arm fits into, press it carefully together and leave it to set for a day before he screwed the arm into the hinge. And hey presto – my glasses are fixed.… Read More

Massive Clear-out

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I have moved several times in my life and with each move I decided to get rid of a lot of stuff. Often I give these things away for nothing. I remember when I moved from Cologne to Hamburg I met … Read More

My gran’s tricycle

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My trip to Cologne finished with a visit at my grandmother’s and that was a surprise for her as I didn’t ring her until I actually was in Cologne. My grandmother was always very sporty. She used to ride her … Read More

Too old for disco?

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My trip to Germany was a welcome break, especially as the weather wasn’t as crap as here and I enjoyed a few hot days. Now that my sister is older we do more stuff together which is nice. She actually … Read More

Sleep at last

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After a short night on Sunday, we took our mog out again to the woods. Unfortunately it was not as quiet as last week on Friday, when most people were too busy watching Britain’s Got Talent or whatever. We encountered … Read More


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I am not allowed to vote in national elections for the obvious reason that I am not British. Fair enough. My dad can’t vote in Germany, because he has British citizenship. However I can vote locally and in the European … Read More

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