Happy New Year – My plans for 2013

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I wish all readers of my blog a Happy New Year.

I haven’t posted in a while, due to being ill with flu (am still coughing away as I type) and I also was away for Christmas.

I know I still have to write the final part of the Polydays series. I am working on it but in the meantime I wanted to share my thoughts on the New Year.

I don’t have proper New Year’s resolutions as such, but want to change things and move forward. So here are the things I would like to do or rather change – some of them are business related and some are just things I want to do outside designing jewellery.

1.Go back to paid writing – yes you read correctly. Last year I didn have many paid commissions and wrote a lot on a voluntary basis, but really I need to earn money. This means getting more proactive again.

2.Getting back to fiction writing – a few years ago I did an Open University short course on fiction writing and really enjoyed it – the course was very well organised and kept me writing every day, because it prompted you with lots of writing exercises. I even started a novel and was 4 chapters in. But then I got discouraged by comments by one tutor from a different writing course I also did with Writer’s Magazine (though my impression was that she didn’t understand that it was meant as a chapter of a novel not a short story) and kind of gave up. So this year I want to get back to this – if time allows. But then again I just have to make time.… Read More

Happy New Year

In the run up to our departure we were not even sure if we should drive through the snow all the way from Cardiff to Stansted to get the plane to Cologne. It was snowing heavily in the morning, but we decided to go anyway, because our flight was not cancelled. We just got through the worst, if we’d set off an hour later and we would have been caught in massive traffic jams and possibly an accident.… Read More