The making of..wire wrapped heart pendants.

As it’s Valentine’s Day this month, hearts are obviously playing a part in my new designs and I decided to make two wire wrapped heart pendants – but not just with round wire. Instead I used square wire. I have a nifty little device from Beadalon with which I can twist the wire into a nice shape. So for the two hearts I made, I used two square wires of different colours (copper, silver plated for the first one and brass and silver plated) and twisted these together. Only downside is that the wire hardens using this method, which means it’s harder to manipulate into a nice shape.… Read More

Snakes in the Studio.

Working with polymer clay is fun but also very time consuming. My latest pendants were originally planned as rings. I wanted to make snake rings, however on the day I couldn’t find my ring mandrel and had to improvise and because the snakes are not that thin they ended up being very small in diameter – mainly size I which is very small indeed. So I now sell them as pendants.… Read More

How to make a DIY pendant display.

In the run-up for my stall at Roath Craft Market this coming Saturday I have been experimenting with displays. I have only a small table of approx 4feet x 2 feet available to use and therefore need to make the most of my space.

Obviously I won’t be taking all my stock but have not only to choose my items wisely, but also to decide on which displays to take. I have a few pendants I’d like to sell this Saturday (fingers crossed) and wasn’t happy with just laying them out on the table. My friend Pamela gave me an idea, as she’s very good at making her own displays out of photo frames. Her earring display is very nifty indeed as she can hook her earrings on them and close the whole display for transport and when she opens it, it can stand on its own.

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The Making of… Chalk Turquoise necklace with wire worked donut

In this post I want to show you how I created a necklace with stabilized chalk Turquoise beads, drops, donut and 20 gauge wire (0,8mm wire). I always wanted to learn more wire-work techniques and when I bought the donuts I experimented with 18 inch silver plated 20 gauge wire until I settled for this design:… Read More

The making of…a bracelet woven on a beading loom

I have decided to share with you a few images of some of my jewellery, which show them in the process of creating them and you can find these under the new category “The Making of..”

This bracelet was made on a beading loom, with tiny Japanese seed beads. … Read More

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