A new cat in the hood – and he is a bit of a pain..

Our cat is a tad stressed at the moment due to an uninvited visitor. He’s a gorgeous, very skinny tabby with white paws and friendly to us, but wants to take over not only Bobby’s garden, but also her food. Understandable as he is really emaciated and obviously not that well cared for by his owners.

Yesterday I had to drive him out of the kitchen and noticed an awful smell in the garden. That’s the thing about toms – I am not sure if he’s neutered- they spray everywhere and it’s the worst smell in the universe – (maybe lions and tigers are worse).  And unfortunately some owners of male cats don’t see that it’s their responsibility to get them neutered.

I was glad he didn’t spray in the house. This happened a lot in my parents’ flat when Freddy was still alive. As they don’t have a cat flap, they used to leave the balcony door open and often uninvited toms would come in and harass poor Freddy, especially when she was older. And they would leave awful scent marks on things like my rucksack (my most embarrassing trip home on the tram), the video recorder, the piano (!) and walls. My mum was not amused. Now my dad makes sure the door is always shut and Dusty has to wait until someone lets her in. My dad doesn’t want to invest in a flap as the doors are not designed for one.

We will have to find a way to stop the intruder from coming in. I don’t like it but next time it’s time for the hose!

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