Bobby at the vet’s – update

The whole week we thought Bobby was back to normal. We received the little Kenwood mixer and fed her mashed up Sardines and she loved it. Unfortunately her symptoms returned yesterday in the late afternoon, which was quite distressing for us.

When we went to bed, Bobby jumped on board and calmed down – I think her own purring helped her to ease her pain a bit.

Luckily we managed to get a vet’s appointment for today. He told us that symptoms could return, injected an analgesic for her pain (Rimadyl) which should get rid of her pain within 24 hours and he also gave us two tablets to keep just in case. He thinks we are doing all the right things but suggested to change to a prescription food which helps to break down crystals and acidity in the urine. So he prescribed Bobby Royal Canin  – Urinary S/O High Dilution which is specifically formulated for FLUDT. He also generally recommended this brand as their other dry foods also contains the S/O index which helps breaking down crystals and acidity. Which is great, because Bobby loves her crunchies. We have now decided to phase out the other brands she usually eat and replace them with the Royal Canin.

The new food is already a big hit with Bobs – she totally loves it.

Bobby dreaming - copyright Helen White
Bobby dreaming – copyright Helen White

Yesterday Bobby also somehow managed to get her fur covered with sticky stuff, presumably sap from plants. It took a while and some scissors to get her fur back to normal. God only knows where she got that “glue” from, because we couldn’t find it on our plants.

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  1. Fiona Johnston
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    Hello, Helen,

    Birds of a feather,aye or cat lovers of the world unite perhaps. I know exactly what you mean, our Burmese had to have all her remaining teeth out, she is twelve years old, thirteen in May. In fact she has now learned to lick her lips and inside as well to get rid of any food residues. In the past she has used her claws and paws, resulting in an awful bloody mess, literally. I promise you, I am not swearing. I had to use a syringe[absent of any needles] to squirt water on either side to free the area of food particles.

  2. Fiona Johnston
    | Reply

    I have just read something alarming about the fact your cat had some sticky sap on her coat, I hope you haven’t got any lillies growing in your garden or in your house. If so, I hate to alarm you but they are toxic. Keep a watchful eye on her for if they lick their fur to clean it, it could be very dangerous indeed

    • helen
      | Reply

      Thanks Fiona for your warning and concern. I appreciate this. Thankfully we have no plants in our garden which are toxic for cats – our garden was designed by my husband with pretty much the cat in mind. She even has a gigantic cat climber, he built for her, in the garden. We are still at a loss where the sticky stuff came from. I am glad to report that Bobby is back to her normal self and loves her new prescription food. Which is a relief as she is such a fussy eater.

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