Bobby loves Ikea

Cats are often peculiar when it comes to changes in their territory. In extreme cases they will spray in places they are not supposed to when furniture has been moved or added. Bobby however is always excited when we add a new piece of furniture. Last week be bought a bookcase, which also works as a side board – we actually put it in front of the window on its side. We also bought some basket drawers to go into the shelves (they house my photo lights). It didn’t take long until madam spotted a perfect opportunity to jump in.   She loves “her” baskets and also the new sideboard and has rediscovered her cat bed, which we now moved from the window sill onto the side board. It’s such an improvement for the living room as it is now less cluttered and we can draw the blinds properly without them leaving a gap.

Hmm- interesting – must investigate. – copyright Paul White 2010
Bobby inspects new furniture from Ikea – copyright Paul White 2010
Bobby loves to sit in the new Ikea basket – copyright Paul White 2010
Bobby sticks her nose into the camera – copyright Paul White 2010

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  1. minta
    | Reply

    i LUV her tail =)

    • helen
      | Reply

      I know – it’s beautiful. When she was little it was massive compared to the rest. If you look at older entries you will find lots of photos of her and some information about how we ended up adopting her. She really sold herself well to us. Charming critter.

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