Cats can freak you out

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Cats – hey – they do know how to freak your out! I don’t know how she does it, but our mog has the talent of freaking us out by just hiding. She is normally a very vocal cat, but she can be extremely quiet and sneaky.

We know she would never venture far, she loves her creature comforts far too much, but almost on a daily basis there will be a moment when we can’t find her anywhere in the garden or house and panic!

I once spent ages in the pouring rain down the lane, because I thought she just disappeared and expected the worst. When I came back soaking wet I went upstairs into our bedroom pulled up my duvet and a very pissed off cat fell out.

A similar thing happened yesterday. I was happily chatting away to my friend on the phone when my very distressed hubby interrupted me and told me that this is definitely it, the cat managed to get out. Well of course I had to help searching, but it didn’t take long and he found her in the guest room where he checked the duvet, which was on the floor. A very tired looking cat plonked on the floor when he picked it up. She obviously couldn’t understand the fuss.

Maybe we should trust her a little bit more.


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