I need sleep.

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I am really happy that summer is finally here. It means I can re-arrange my cupboards, which are still full of the boring winter stuff and get rid of the hot winter duvet. And after the last two nights we definitely have to get our fan down from the loft.


Bobby enjoys dozing in the sun, but sensible enough to seek the shade after a while. However as it is so hot now she isn’t so keen on playing and prefers to snooze. Unfortunately this means she is full of energy in the night. She woke us at 3 last night, than again at about 4 and Paul got so annoyed that he closed the door. Didn’t help much –scratch, scratch, scratch. I couldn’t sleep at all anyway as I have problems with my neck, so I got up at about 5 and went downstairs to give her a cuddle. That’s all she wanted. She can now go out whenever she wants, as we decided to leave the flap open. She went out and then came back. I put up on our windowsill and went to bed. And she stayed there and fell asleep.


I don’t think she lacks attention or play – so now I feel a bit at a loss as to what to do to get her back to her normal schedule. Six o’clock would be ok as a furry wake up call.


So if any of you readers have an idea as to what we can do to get Bobby back to sleep through the night (it is possible, before the clocks changed in winter she was fine) please let me know.

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