Is it a crime to walk your cat?

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This is a serious question. My husband has been stopped three times within the space of four months when he was innocently walking our mog. They just couldn’t believe their eyes. The last time he was actually offering them to show his ID and explained why he walks the cat, because they couldn’t believe why one would do such a “weird” thing..

I admit it that walking a cat is not a normal thing to do, but our cat loves her walks. She doesn’t roam and we don’t want her to roam, for the simple reason that we want to enjoy her company for a long time to come. We live near a very busy road, next to a busy lane. Our neighbours surrounding us have dogs, some of them are quite vicious. And not to forget roaming toms who can easily intimidate our placid and super-friendly cat. And I personally worry about people being cruel to animals or simply nicking our cat. Bobby had a rough start in life and we just want to make her life comfortable. She loves to be with us and is very attached to us. She could easily disappear, but she doesn’t want to.

So what’s wrong with walking our cat in our neighbourhood?

Why does the police think it is acceptable to stop my husband while they do diddly squat about the real problems our neighbourhood has with yobs? Our bus shelter gets trashed on a regular basis and we often find rubbish dumped in our front garden (once it was a broken scooter). A couple of weeks ago several fences in our lane were trashed by feral youths who were drunk and looking for trouble – no police was there when it happened (and it was too late when they arrived) but the neighbours got together and confronted the destructive youngsters and drove them off. Luckily we have a wall, not a fence, but we feel sorry for the neighbours who now have to pay themselves to fix their fences.

My husband is now not so happy going down the lane with the cat anymore because he worries he gets stopped again and maybe even worse – gets arrested – and then what would he do with the mog? I daresay these worries might be unfounded but I can understand him. I rarely walk with her down the lane as it makes me nervous, but I wonder if the police would stop me. I honestly don’t know how I would react.

©Paul White 2008/9
©Paul White 2008/9

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    It’s quite necessary if you live on a main road with the traffic like it is in Cardiff. There’s nearly always heavy traffic on that road during the day Monday to Saturday.

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