Mogglebox or how our cat developed a serious telly addiction.

I have been quite busy working on bangles and feather pendants, so today’s post is short and sweet.
If you have a cat, you surely can relate to this. Since “Springwatch” on BBC2 started three weeks ago (and has unfortunately finished this week), our cat has developed a serious telly addiction. She not only watched it when it was on, but also pawed at the telly when she saw birds,  looked behind the telly and got generally very excited. She also watched the live footage in the morning with my husband and of course in the evening.

Our Bobby watching Springwatch. - copyright Helen White
Our Bobby watching Springwatch. – copyright Helen White

And when the telly was not on she sat in front of it and looked at us with a sad face (not difficult for her, after all she’s a cat) – sometimes meowing and demanding that we switch it on for her!

When Springwatch was not on we had to get inventive – and switched to YouTube. It’s full of tons of cute stuff to watch. There’s one channel in particular we all like called “Vice” and they have a section called “The Cute Show”.

Last week she got excited when “The Secret Life of Cats” was broadcast on ITV, narrated by the wonderful Martin Clunes. The documentary was great and even the ads were full of cats.

I actually recorded it, which was a good idea because I kept filming our moggie watching her own “Mogglebox” as my husband joked. So I couldn’t pay as much attention to the programme. She was fairly indifferent when “The Big Bang Theory” was on, watched the news and a bit of tennis and loved Adam Hills. We have yet to find out if she’s into football.
Since we discovered her telly addiction we just kept filming her and I have decided to share some of these films with you. I have to apologise for some of the noise from the lens. I used my photo camera for these videos as my camcorder is now so old that it’s too much hassle to use – it still works with tapes, which you then have to upload to the computer before editing. We still haven’t edited our old kitten videos including our wedding video – our wedding was seven years ago!

I am sure with practice my videos will improve and my aim is to create some videos which give you an insight into how I work. So those of you who follow this blog and my jewellery business – let me know below what you would like to see.

Thanks for reading.

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