My top 5 cat websites

Today I want to introduce you to my favourite cat websites. Some of them are mostly informative, while others are also very entertaining. And most of these also have a social media presence so you can easily like, share and tweet any of their posts.

Bobby -close up - copyright Helen White
Bobby – close up – copyright Helen White

1.   Cats Protection

I have been a supporter of this national charity for years and also have a Just Giving page (see side bar on the left) and wrote about the charity for “Geliebte Katze”. This is the go-to website for information about the charity’s work, their branches and shelters. It has a lot of free info about cat care, how to get involved as a volunteer and a shop. We tend to get our Christmas cards from CP and Bobby is from the Cardiff branch of CP.

2.   Feline Advisory Bureau – Fabcats

This is the website of the Feline Advisory Bureau and as the name of this charity says – it advises you on all things feline. For information about cat care, behaviour issues and health issues this should be one port of call, though obviously you should go to the vet if your cat is sick. The info is divided into info for cat owners, breeders, vets and cattery owners. The FAB also runs accredited long distance courses for breeders, cattery owners and people who are involved in cat rescue. As it is a charity it relies on funding and therefore also has its own shop where it sells useful publications. It also has a link to a pet insurance it recommends. I definitely will look into this as we are thinking of changing our current insurance as it is far too expensive.

3.   Catster

This is an American website (based in San Francisco) dedicated to cats. It has a forum and members can interact and also write articles for the website. They can even create a profile for their own kitty and a diary. Articles are often informative, entertaining and allow members to comment on them. It has a video section where cat related questions get answered and a magazine section with lifestyle articles, news, humour and articles about cat fashion. The book of cat section has articles about breeds, behaviour, health, cat & kitten care. The gallery section allows users to upload images of their own fur babies, while the answers section does what it says on the tin – answering your pressing questions about your cat. There’s also an adoption area, but this is only interesting if you live in America as it lists felines living in the States. There is so much to read and explore on Catster and if you love cats this website is definitely worth bookmarking and subscribing to.

4.   Love Meow

This is another great website for cat lovers – or rather a blog and based in Illinois. I have found this blog on Facebook and it really cheers me up as it posts a lot of heart warming and moving cat stories and often with videos. Like this one about a cat rescue centre on Hawaii– or this funny one – 8 signs your cat is actually a dog.

Love Meow also has a section about cat rescue divided into shelter, foster and rescue, and a section called cuteness, which doesn’t really need an explanation.

The blog welcomes submissions of stories and images and for every comment made 5 cent will be added to a donation made to cat rescue centres.

5.   Simon’s Cat

Ok – a bit of a cop out – Simon’s Cat doesn’t really need much of an introduction – he’s now as famous as Garfield. His success is down to his owner Simon Tofield, who captures the essence of feline behaviour so well, especially of his own cats (he is owned by four cats, so he has plenty of inspiration) He makes millions of cat fans laugh whenever he releases a new video or book. Here’s a link to one of my favourite videos of his:

Simon’s Cat features a shop, his films, games, competition and a community section for fans.

And before your ask – no this is not a sponsored post.

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations. The order is by no means intended – just the five ones I like to go to.

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