Our cat’s cute habits

Bobby in bay window in our conservatory - copyright Helen White
Bobby in bay window in our conservatory – copyright Helen White

Time to write another more cat related blog entry.

Those of you who follow my blog know about our cat Bobby. She has developed a few cute and quirky habits over the years and some not so cute habits, which I’d like to share with you.

Bobby as a kitten being cuddly - copyright Helen White
Bobby as a kitten being cuddly – copyright Helen White

First the not so cute habits:

  1. Ripping the shit out of our sofa and carpets – a habit we unfortunately can’t control much and in a way encouraged –because it is cute when she actually grips the underside of the sofa and slides across the carpet. Needless to say we won’t ever buy fancy furniture. Ikea has to suffice and the next sofa we invest in will be hopefully a sofa-bed for guests.
  2. Stopping in the middle of stairs when I try to go down – I swear one day I will fall down the stairs.
  3. Getting in your way without saying a word and you accidentally trod on her. She then runs away in shock and we run after her to let her know how sorry we are.
  4. Waking up way too early (between 4 and 5 am) and ripping the carpet in order to get us up – works a treat for her – though I have taken to throwing  a pillow at her – that often stops her and she decides to jump on bed for a cuddle and snooze- which leads me directly to….
The day we met Bobby - copyright Helen White
The day we met Bobby – copyright Helen White

Bobby’s cute and quirky habits:

  1. She has an incredibly cute and endearing chirruping greeting noise she makes in the mornings when she wakes us, or when she wants something from us.
  2. In the evening between 5 and 6 she often tends to sit in front of the front door and is clearly waiting for hubby to come home. When I used to work in the NHS and come home she often waited in the window and still sometimes does this – and gets very excited when she sees us.
  3. Bobby will only play rough with hubby and is clearly daddy’s girl in that respect. She loves sock fights, which supposed to protect my hubby’s hands from scratches – doesn’t always work though.
  4. Ever since she was a kitten she needs reassurance when she’s eating. She wants whoever is available to cuddle her backside, while she eats. This also entails her asking me to go downstairs – when I am actually busy in my office-  to proceed with the cuddles.
  5. She tends to follow us around and seeks our company a lot.
  6. When she is tired and ready for a snooze during the day Bobby loves to get onto the bed underneath the blanket which is just a general cover. She loves her little “tent” – when it’s not on the bed she will come to us and asks us to follow her and then we quite quickly twig what she wants and make her little tent.
  7. She loves watching me cook – and should have her own cookery show
  8. When she was a kitten her favourite game was to take cat food pouches out of their box and carry them one by one into the living room. She still sometimes does this and it’s very funny.
  9. She loves cat nip and behaves like an aggressive drunk when she’s had some.
  10. In the evening when she’s tired and wants us to go to bed she clearly lets us know.
  11. She loves prawns – her favourite treat and she knows exactly when we go shopping. Back from the shops she will inspect all items and sniff around until we get out the prawns. It’s very cute when she tries to grab hold of them with her paws when we feed her.
  12. When she meets other cats she often sticks her face right in their space and is often surprised when she gets hissed at or gets a whack with a paw.
  13. Since we came back from our honeymoon in 2007 she likes to share the bed with us – and usually on the duvet between my legs. This is not comfortable for me, but clearly comfortable for her. She loves to purr and knead with her paws until she’s super relaxed. Then she stretches her front paws out like “supercat” and goes to sleep. While she is sleeping she makes some funny and cute snuffling noises – almost like snoring – but endearing.
  14. She often inspects our faces in the morning to see if we are awake.
  15. She is very communicative and talks a lot.
Bobby dreaming - copyright Helen White
Bobby dreaming – copyright Helen White

I am sure there are even more cute and quirky habits I could list but at the moment I can’t think of any more. And here are:

Bobby’s bizarre habits:

  1. Every time she has a crap in our garden (it used to be the litter tray, but she doesn’t use it any more) she storms in like a Banshee and goes bananas. We have no idea why – maybe it’s sheer relief?
  2. Every time we go into our loft to take up things or get down stuff she starts to meow very persistently – after a while that sound can get grating – even for our tolerant ears! So we tend to put her leash on and let her have a nose around upstairs. We don’t know why she feels the need to go up – maybe because it’s full of clutter.
Bobby on bay window - copyright Helen White
Bobby on bay window – copyright Helen White

If you have a cat I’d love to hear about your cat’s cute and quirky habits.

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  1. cj
    | Reply

    Awww she’s gorgeous. She also shares a lot of habits with my Georgie!!

  2. Teresa Lewis
    | Reply

    I saw Max this morning on the allotment site where the fence had come down but he didn’t think to get back into the garden that way but instead came over the fence.

    Topaz the cat I used to have would fly round the room and run up and down the stairs in the evenings for the first two weeks we had here until we let her out. She would sit on my friend’s knee but not mine apart from one year when I came down to visit and my friend wasn’t there at the time but had arranged to come down two days later. He’d been away for weeks and his brother was coming in too feed here. She must have been desperate for human company. She came and went as she pleased through the cat flap to go and meet her cat friends. When she was young she didn’t have any cat friends as she would rather chase them away even the tom cat next door. As she got older she would allow one regular visitor in.

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