Study on cat’s purr

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According to a study by researchers at Essex University cats can have more than one type of purr – one that signals content and one that they use to get their owner to do what they want i.e. give them food, cuddles or open the door. The purr is very persistent, loud and apparently incorporates a “cry” that is similar to that of a baby. You can find the complete story here:

I have to admit I’ve never noticed this particular purr action in Bobby. She has a very gentle purr she mainly uses when she is content and relaxed. If she wants something from us she either meows, looks at us with a very intense stare and waits until her patience wears off and she resorts to scratching our sofa or carpets – which is far more annoying than the purr described in the article.

My cat Freddy had a different technique in the mornings to get me up to feed her – she’d plonk herself on my chest, purr and lick my face. Which is not very pleasant when you are half asleep!

So how do your cats get you to what they want – do they use the purr described in the article?

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