Walking your cat – is more common than you think

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Me walking Bobby in the Wenallt - copyright Paul White
Me walking Bobby in the Wenallt – copyright Paul White

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that my husband and I walk our cat Bobby not only in the neighbourhood, but also in the local forest. We started this at an early age with her mainly because we live on a very busy road and have seen dead cats on it in the past – so didn’t want her to roam around. She still raises eyebrows when we are out and about, but I don’t care, plus often we get positive comments and compliments for our gorgeous moggie.

Me walking Bobby - close up - copyright Paul White
Me walking Bobby – close up – copyright Paul White

As she’s a people cat, who is very attached to us, she doesn’t mind the harness at all and is used to it. She is also very grateful when we take her out for a long walk and rewards us with lots of purrs, rubbing and affection.

The other day I stumbled across this video featuring American comedian Mo Rocca (and have to admit I have never heard of him before) walking his cool cat Radar in New York.

It looks like walking your cat has become quite trendy and it is recommended by vets, because a lot of cats in the States are indoor dwellers and obesity among cats is on the rise.

Our Bobby can go out in the garden, where she also uses her “litter”, but we made sure the garden is as safe as possible so she can’t escape (not that she wants to, she’s far too content)– she even has her own massive cat climber, which my husband made for her.

I found the cat stroller in the video amusing, but liked the Kitty Holster harness mentioned. However a normal harness does the job just fine as long it has breakaway clasps. The key to walking your cat is – starting early when they are kittens and to have a lot of patience. They don’t walk like dogs, they love to take their time, sit down and sniff a lot, and occasionally they like to roll around on the ground (much to the owner’s embarrassment!).



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