Walks in the woods

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Friday evening I walked Bobs in the neighbourhood but didn’t get very far. So when hubby came home from work we decided to take her up to the Wenallt. It’s a nice forest, but parking can be a bit of an experience – the parking area is often frequented by lonely old men – and doggers. Well it’s always a surprise for them to see us getting out of the car with Bobby on the lead. I guess they were thinking –  kinky!


Bobby she didn’t want to go at all and was protesting on the way to the car. She got very quiet in the car and she took her time to get up and jump out of the car. And then she didn’t want to stop walking. Usually we only stay in one small area and she sniffs everything, but this time we went quite a distance, downhill towards the fields with the horses. She just walked and walked. I have to upload photos and put them on flickr. In the end we spend over an hour with her in the woods. She was just so excited by all the smells and sounds. She was quite brave and tried to get closer to the horses. The last time she was nervous and decided she wanted to go back.


Now when we got back we both thought “brilliant.” She will be very tired and sleep through until the next morning. Unfortunately it didn’t quite work out that way.

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