7 Christmas gift ideas for her

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Christmas isn’t far away now, so in today’s post I am sharing 7 Christmas gift ideas for her.

1.Beautiful Bangles

If the woman in your life (or your mum, sister or friend) loves wearing bangles than you might like the bangles I am offering here.



My bangles are handcrafted with polymer clay. These bangles have all an aluminium core and have been layered with polymer clay and baked in stages. These bangles are quite time consuming to make. Currently I have three types of designs available with my polymer clay bangles – leaf, reptile pattern and Klimt inspired. For the leaf design I had to create a leaf can, for the Klimt inspired design I used my extruder. These are all one-of-a-kind designs, so you can be assured to buy a unique piece of jewellery.


Purple and gold feather bangle - front

Gold and purple Klimt bangle - front

Green feather bangle - front


2. Gorgeous Necklaces

I create my necklaces with plated wires and findings and Sterling silver wire and findings. Some people prefer the Sterling silver to the plated materials. Personally I like both.  I mostly work with semi-precious beads, Swarovski bicone and round crystals and Czech fire polished beads. Some designs are delicate while others have a bolder look.  Here are some examples of plated necklaces:

Hemalyke Siam necklace

Turquoise and opal necklace on bust

Red heart necklace on bust

Copper and silver necklace on bust

And here some of my Sterling silver necklaces. The findings of these are hallmarked 925.


Black Agate necklace on bust


Necklace with Botswana Agate drops 1

Zebra necklace


Labradorite necklace on bust


3. Pretty Bracelets

Some women love wearing bracelets and I am currently offering bracelets with plated materials and Sterling silver findings (which are hallmarked 925). Some of my bracelets are charm bracelets and mainly animal themed and the rest are made with semi-precious beads, glass beads or Swarovski bicone crystals. The sizes are medium to large – i.e. 7.5 to 8 inches. Here are some examples of plated bracelets:

Swarovski crystal bracelet in Siam - side

Flying horse charm bracelet - front landscape

Ivy copper bracelet

And here are some examples of my Sterling silver bracelets:

Diamond Agate bracelet - closed

Labradorite bracelet on cone

Lapis Lazuli bracelet riser


4. Beautiful Earrings

Earrings make great Christmas gifts for her. You can find beautiful handcrafted earrings with Sterling silver ear wires or studs in my shop. Some of them are made with polymer clay, some with Mother-of-Pearl charms, some with Paua shell charms and some with semi-precious beads. Here are some examples:

Paua Shell star earrings 1

Siam -black mother-of-pearl earrings 1

Carnelian Sterling silver studs


Sterling silver studs & Swarovski copper crystals


Purple, yellow and blue earrings.


Purple, yellow and turquoise earrings.


5. Colourful Brooches

Some women love wearing brooches which add some colour and accents to their wardrobe. All of my brooches are made with polymer clay and most of them have an animal design, apart from the first two below.

Gold Klimt brooch - front

Polymer clay heart brooch 1

Polymer clay butterfly brooch 2 side

Standing cat brooch front



Folded copper brooch

6. Cute Sculptures & Journals

If the woman in your life adores animals – especially cats and likes sculptures then sculptures are another great Christmas gift option. All my sculptures are handcrafted with polymer clay and a few other materials. Some have aluminium armatures in their body and bits of wire and their heads are attached with cocktail sticks – Who would have thought cocktail sticks could be so useful?  Some are also painted with acrylic paints and varnished. Currently I have the following animals to choose from: otters, meerkats, cats, dogs, elephants, octopus, sheep, penguins, kangaroos, geckos and sloths.

Black and white dog sculpture - front

White & tabby cat sculpture - front

Elephant sculptures

Valais Blacknose sheep with horns sculpture

Curled up white &black cat sculpture

Three-toed sloth sculpture


Fox sculpture -front


I also create journals with polymer clay covers which make unique gifts.

Sloth journal cover

Seahorse journal with the rubber band


7. Useful Gift vouchers

If you can’t decide on the perfect gift or are unsure – buying a gift voucher is a safe option. You can find gift vouchers in different price ranges starting from £10 up to £50 here. Gift vouchers are sent out as a pdf file with a unique reference number and date of purchase. Redeeming the voucher is also simple. When ordering with a gift voucher, all you need to do is enter your voucher code into the voucher code box at the checkout.

Gift voucherI hope  these Christmas gift ideas have inspired you and you found them useful. Thanks for reading 🙂

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