8 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

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In this post I am sharing with you 8 gift ideas for Father’s Day.

This year Father’s Day falls on the 18th of June and according to this Wikipedia entry, the day has been celebrated in Catholic parts of Europe in March, but many countries have adopted the US date, which is the third Sunday of June.

Here in the UK people tend to buy their dads gifts (not so much in Germany where Father’s Day is used as a good excuse for dads to meet their mates to get drunk!) However, finding something Dad would like isn’t always easy.  Although you will find mostly jewellery for women in my shop, I have these gift suggestions for you.


1 .Bookmarks for your dad

Is your dad a bookworm who loves to read books made with real paper, rather than on his I-pad, phone or Kindle? Then these cute affordable bookmarks might be the perfect gift. All are handmade with love. Find them here.

Orca bookmark 1

Black horse bookmark - 1

Black dog bookmark - 2


2. Cufflinks: useful and unique

If your dad wears a lot of suits to work he definitely needs cufflinks. At the moment I have two pairs in the shop, but am happy to make them to order – as long as they are made with polymer clay. You can find the cufflinks here and more information on made to order items here.

Glitter polymer clay cufflinks side view

Cufflinks blue and red side


3. Copper clay pendants

Recently I created a new range – jewellery made with copper clay which I also antiqued. You can find more information on how I made the pieces here. I have listed them as unisex jewellery, because I think they can be worn by men and women. The length of all chains is 19 inches so should fit around men’s necks. You can find all copper clay pendants here.

Shell copper pendant 2


Shell copper pendant


Hieroglyph copper pendant


Ivy leaf copper pendant


Copper leaf pendant


People copper pendant


4. Nautilus pendants

If your dad loves jewellery – and yes some men do wear pendants – then my Nautilus pendants might hit the spot. I made them in two sizes and a variety of colour combinations. These pendants hang on 18 inch chains, but on request I am happy to lengthen them if needed. You can find all my nautilus pendants here.

Turquoise nautilus pendant - detail


Gold nautilus pendant detail 2


Denim nautilus pendant detail 1


Red and white polymer clay nautilus pendant detail


Black nautilus pendant detail


Purple nautilus pendant



5.Shell pendants

These polymer clay shell pendants are also gender neutral and can be worn by men and women.  These are made in a variety of colours and hang on chains which measure 18 inches in length. As with the other pendants I can lengthen these on request.

Dark green shell - bust


Light green shell - detail


6. Round and puzzle pendants from my “Little People” range

These pendants are quite striking in colour and unusual in their texture – look closer and you can spot tiny people on them.  The length of the round pendants is 19 inches and of the puzzle pendants is 18 inches.





Little people puzzle pendant blue

Little people pendant red blue

Little people pendant blue red

7. Animal sculptures

Women are not the only collectors of little sculptures (or figurines). If your dad loves this sort of thing – and more to the point is passionate about animals, why not give him a sculpture of his favourite animal? I offer a variety of sculptures: elephants, sheep, cats, a dog, an otter, a fox, a kangaroo, a gecko, a meerkat, penguins, an octopus and sloths on offer- and also accept commissions. You can find all my sculptures here.


Black and white dog sculpture


Valais Blacknose sheep


Fox sculpture -front


Elephant sculpture with tusks


Stretched out white & black cat sculpture - front


Curled up Siamese cat sculpture

White & tabby cat sculpture - front


Sloths sculptures


8. Gift voucher

I know it’s a bit of a cop-out – but if you still are not sure what to get your dad and rather want him to choose something – you could simply buy him a gift voucher. I have gift vouchers starting at £10 in my shop and they can be personalised with your dad’s name and unique code for him to use when he buys from the website.


I hope I could give you some ideas for Father’s Day.

Thank you for reading. 🙂


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