Helenka White Design turns 7. Happy anniversary.

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Another year has gone by and Helenka White Design turns 7 this September.  According to my Facebook page I started it on the 7th of September 2010. Last year I posted about the 6th anniversary and talked about the journey of my business so far which you can find here.

In a nutshell my website had two big makeovers, I added sculptures and journals with polymer clay covers to the product mix.  Since then I have also started working with precious metal clays and my dad bought me a small Prometheus kiln to use for this venture. So far I have used up my copper clay and am planning to use mostly silver clay in the near future. You can find a post about my copper clay adventures in this post.

Cattails heart copper pendant

This  year has been tough for most small creative businesses. The insecurity surrounding Brexit has certainly added to or rather created this, while stagnating wages meant people just don’t have enough spare cash to splash on something nice to wear.

My hope is that this will change soon.  My plans for the coming year are to continue learning new skills and techniques. I want to concentrate more on silver jewellery and on my list of things I want to do is to teach myself to linocut and create human sculptures. Another dream of mine is to write a book and create tutorials. And sell lots of my jewellery of course. Will have to see how much I will manage to get done.

So these are some of my plans for the future. Here’s to the next years to come.

I want to thank all my customers who have supported me on my journey so far and also this year. Without you my business couldn’t exist.

Thank you xxx

Helen White

PS: To celebrate I am running a competition on FB – check out the pinned post and Instagram. Here’s the link to the FB page and here to my IG account.

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