Introducing my Mosaico collection

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In this post I am showing  you my Mosaico collection. It’s not a making of though, because for this collection I used the Art Deco Earrings tutorial by polymer clay artist Bettina Welker. So I can’t really share too much of the process.

Turquoise, purple and yellow earrings

For these designs I went for a lot of vibrant colours which complement each other or contrast each other well. I like making pendants so I didn’t stop at earrings. The process involved shaping small pieces of polymer clay and then using slices for the design. Keeping it fairly symmetric was the challenge. I really enjoyed the technique as it is quite freeform – you just try things out and go with the flow  –  it’s a process that really appeals to me. The rounded ones were mostly baked on light bulbs and on aluminium trays with different sized domes. Another way to achieve this is also using the end bits from soda cans.

Long yellow, purple and turquoise earrings

All pendants and earrings have been baked twice – once after they were pieced together and then again I applied a black textured backing to each one of them. The pendants also have bails made with polymer clay, while the earrings all have drilled holes. I was a bit nervous about the drilling into them, and twice I made a boohoo – drilled one on the wrong side and the other one chipped. I will wear those myself I guess. I have a few practice pieces for drilling purposes and use a small hand drill for this.

Purple, yellow and blue earrings.

The nice thing about these pieces is that once you have textured them you don’t need to sand and polish them. I don’t like sanding and polishing much mainly because of my chronic shoulder pain. The motion aggravates my shoulder. So texturing is a great way to avoid this step – and it still looks great.

Long purple, turquoise and yellow earrings

My biggest challenge was to make my own designs. I didn’t want to copy Bettina’s designs which I think look more Art Deco than mine. I think I achieved this and came up with some unusual looking pieces as you can see in the few examples here.

Large purple, yellow & turquoise pendant

As it’s always nice to have a name for a collection (and I admit naming is not really my strong point) I asked in a FB group for suggestions. One suggestion was Mosaico – as they look a bit mosaic like. I liked the name and went with it.

Blue, red & purple pendant

Diamond shaped red, blue & purple pendant


I really hope you like the Mosaico collection. You can find all pendants and earrings of this collection here.

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