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It’s that time of year again when businesses are gearing up for Mother’s Day. In the UK it falls on the 11th of March this year, while in countries like America or Germany it’s on the 10th of May.
It’s a day when mothers are celebrated by their loved ones. Small children in particular are encouraged to show their mums how much they love and appreciate them by giving them gifts which tend to be handcrafted at school or kindergarten.
For some people, including myself, Mother’s Day is a day they dread. You can’t escape the ads, the marketing messages and articles written in the run-up to the day. Why am I dreading it? My mum died in 2006 at the young age of 53, so I haven’t got a mother to indulge, though not a day passes by that I don’t think of her. And I don’t have children of my own – unless you count our fur baby Bobby as one (and yes I tend to do that). I lost my only chance at motherhood 5 years ago when I miscarried and it was a pretty unpleasant and traumatic experience – one I would love to simply forget, but am reminded of on occasions like Mother’s Day.

And there are a lot of women who feel that way. Women who lost their mums or/and their babies.
However – as a business woman I can’t bury my head in the sand and ignore this day which is celebrated by a lot of families. And I also have to remind my husband to make sure to buy a gift and card for my mother-in-law! I tend to buy cards in advance so he only needs to sign them and doesn’t panic because he has forgotten.
This year I have created a little film with a selection of suitable gifts adult children can give their mothers to show them their love. And no, they won’t have mum written on them or sentimental messages.

You can find the film here:

Please note that some items featured in this video are no longer available in the shop. Next year I will have to create a new film 🙂

Update: In  2015 when I originally wrote this blog post  I took part in the three-day workshop “Polymania” in Bristol, which is organised every year by my friend Cara Jane Hayman, a very talented polymer clay artist. The workshop finished on Mother’s Day, which meant I was way to busy playing with clay to feel sad. It was a great weekend, as  not only Cara was be teaching, but also German polymer clay artist Bettina Welker and American artist Donna Kato. I own two books by Donna and she is one of the big names in the polymer clay community – so I was really excited to finally  meet her! Donna is not only a prolific artist, she also has her own brand of polymer clay named after her: “Kato” clay. I hadn’t used this clay before the workshop. Kato clay is the preferred clay by artists who create very intricate canes and it cures at a much higher temperature – 150 C. And one thing I noticed about Kato clay is that it is really difficult to condition! But it’s very durable and comes out of the oven nice and shiny.
If you want to know about this workshop – check out my Polymania posts here  

and here.

Anyway, I wish those of you who will be able to celebrate Mother’s Day a Happy Mother’s Day.  And to all the women out there who are in a similar situation like me I say: You are not alone and feeling sad is ok. ((Hugs))

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