A Happy New Year – and good riddance to 2013

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The end of this year is nearing and what a hellish year it was for so many people I know or read about – myself included. My husband said he never liked the look of 2013 – he thinks 2014 looks by far more aesthetically pleasing. I don’t judge years by their looks – obviously, but by how they have panned out.

I had to content with personal trauma (I was supposed to hold a baby in my arms in December) from which I am recovering.This was followed by ongoing awful shoulder pain which hasn’t been resolved yet, because it’s hard to get the right diagnosis and treatment when you live in the UK. This has impacted on my business (working with a lot of pain, esp. typing and making jewellery isn’t easy), my finances and my mood. Those of you struggling with chronic illnesses might be able to sympathize with me and can relate to the difficulty that chronic pain can pose to staying positive.

On the plus side – I met lots of lovely new people through social media (including Gateway Women)– and some even in real life. I also have some fab loyal customers who keep buying from me and recommend me. And in November I met one of my favourite comedians – Adam Hills. He is a true gent and lovely human being. He didn’t mind having his photo taken with me and I read that on at his gig in Barnstaple he took his whole audience bowling. How cool is that??

Casper the friendly ghost with Adam Hills - Cardiff , 12th of November 2013
Casper the friendly ghost with Adam Hills – Cardiff , 12th of November 2013

A lot of my friends had a rubbish year and can’t wait to see the back of it. So I say – Good Riddance 2013 and

Welcome 2014

Instead of resolutions I want to share with you some of things I have planned for the New Year:

  • I want to start making short videos.
  • I also want to blog more regularly – and aim for one post per week – let’s see if I can manage that. On my list of things is therefore to create some sort of schedule for posts.
  • I also want to contribute to other blogs.
  • And spend more time on Google+, twitter and LinkedIn.
  • On the jewellery front – I want to continue working with polymer clay and learn new techniques, work with precious metal clay and also return to some metal work.
  • This year I finally got the Cardiff Polymer Clay Group off the ground and we have a few members – so I am hoping to meet up with them for our own little workshops.
  • I have to update my journalism website and also want to get back to more paid writing – esp. copywriting.
  • I am also planning a new business – teaching and translating German – The teaching is mainly aimed at adults and will be done via Skype (or face-to-face) – I am hoping that by Marchthis new venture will be up and running. I have to see how this works out.
  • Of course there are also non-business things I want to do: I want to get my shoulder to a pain-free state.
  • Exercise more (dependent on pain levels) and eat less.
  • And finally go on a proper beach holiday – just relax and soak up the sun. We haven’t done this in years and certainly haven’t seen much sun.
  • Start playing my Ukulele is another thing I’d like to do.
  • And meeting lots of lovely comedians!


So this is it – my long to-do list.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and wish you all a great start to 2014.

And before I sign off – what have you planned for next year?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Round Polymer Clay Pendant - Dichroic Purple, Blue, Gold - copyright Helen White
Round Polymer Clay Pendant – Dichroic Purple, Blue, Gold – copyright Helen White

10 Responses

  1. Clare Norton
    | Reply

    A big well done to you on what you have achieved and the many goals you’ve set yourself.
    I feel your pain in not holding your child, this happened to me – 18 yrs ago now – but never forgotten. I also empathise with your chronic pain and lack of support from NHS, my daughter has a chronic condition which limits her severely but she is my inspiration on a daily basis for the strength she shows in the face of this.
    I wish you all the very best for 2014, please also be gentle on yourself, here’s to a better year xxx

    • helen
      | Reply

      Thanks for your kind comments Clare. Last year I received a lot of friendly and supportiv comments from some of my friends – and some people surprised me. Miscarriage is still a bit of a taboo subject and I was amazed to learn how many of my friends and acquaintances had suffered a miscarriage in thei lives too. Good luck with your endeavours this year.x

  2. Elio Assuncao
    | Reply

    Sorry to hear what happened, I`m sure 2014 will be a great year for you. As in everything positivity must always be embraced.

    • helen
      | Reply

      Thanks Elio. Hopefully I will attend some of your networking events.

  3. Shalini
    | Reply

    That’s the spirit Helen.
    And don’t let pain get you down. I know what it feels to live with chronic pain and how difficult it is to get a diagnosis. Not knowing why you are in pain is very difficult to cope with emotionally. You just have to stay positive and make the best of the good days and carry on creating the beautiful things you make.
    Look after yourself and remember to find some ME time every day.
    All the best!

    • helen
      | Reply

      Thanks Shalini – our cat surely helps with a bit of ME time – she really calls the shots:)

      • Shalini
        | Reply

        🙂 A lot of my ME time is getting on the floor and play fighting with my dogs and its wonderful!

        • helen
          | Reply

          I guess I have Bobby for this – though she only does sock fights with my hubby. Don’t know why she prefers it. His arms are littered with scratches from playing rough. I am the go to person for everything else I think – especially cuddles in the morning and evening.

  4. Lesley Evans
    | Reply

    Wow Helen. And | thought 2013 had been bad for me 🙁
    Strangely my partner developed shoulder pain just before Christmas & is waiting on physio although there has been no diagnosis as yet.
    I do hope 2014 is better for you & better for the rest of us too.

    • helen
      | Reply

      Thanks for your kind comments Lesley. Shoulder pain seems to be tricky to treat and diagnose. I hope the physio helps your husband. I know that things that fall under the umbrella “repetitive strain injury” can take months or even years to recover from. I constantly try to improve the way I work including changning the laptop set up and my bench set up. I also try to teach myself better posture, though that’s with a book and not so easy:)

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