Welcome to the year 2020 – A new year, new decade and new challenges.

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In this blog post I am sharing with you my thoughts on last year and my plans for the year 2020.

Good riddance 2019

If you are a fellow Brit (and yes, I am now British – check out my post from last January to explain why), then you surely have been exasperated by the spectacle in parliament last year. First, we had the totally inept PM Theresa May resign and a short leadership campaign in the Conservative party with Boris Johnson ending up as PM. Followed by more Brexit debates and a lot of remainers trying their best to undermine the referendum result. After about three months of this and Brexit still not actually happening, most people in the country were quite fed up with it all and we ended up having another GE. The last one as you can remember was only in 2017. This was the first time I was actually allowed to vote. The choices we had were not exactly fantastic, were they?

2019 – a year of job hunting and economic wooes.

Anyway, politics have dominated last year and the UK is still (at the time of writing) in the EU. Meanwhile I had to concentrate on my own business and find a part-time or fulltime job. I had started looking for a job in earnest in 2016 – had over 20 interviews and my confidence knocked by this experience – job interviews can be a humiliating affair and I know you’re supposed to listen to the feedback when you are getting yet another rejection, but honestly often the feedback was not very helpful. A lot of the jobs advertised were already earmarked for internal candidates, plus it’s harder to look for a job when you have been out of the job market for a long time – people don’t really care about your skills and the fact that you have managed to build your own business (which takes a lot of skills).  Anyway, long story short – just when I was about to give up all hope after my last interview, I finally got a job offer from a local church. So, in November I started my part-time job as a Church Administrator. I work there in the mornings and the people I work for and with are really lovely. It’s nice to be valued and appreciated and have a regular wage coming in. And another bonus is that I can walk to work. However, it also means I have to adjust how I work for my business in the afternoons.

Sales have been terrible last year and I am not the only small business owner who noticed this and is struggling. I hope things will change this year.

2019 – the start of my YouTube channel.

One thing I started last year was my YouTube channel (check out my blog post about this here). All I had until January last year was a channel under my name, about 100 subscribers and a few videos which were quite popular. I decided to convert my channel under my business name and add content on a regular basis. I tried to upload once a week, by the end of year I couldn’t keep up with this regime, because I got the new job and have to learn how to adjust to a different work regime. Creating videos is incredibly time consuming, unlike blogging, which I have neglected as a result of my focus on YouTube.

Silver clay leaf pendant.
Silver clay leaf pendant by Helenka White Design.


So what are my plans for the year 2020?

  1. I want to continue with growing my YouTube channel and am aiming at getting 1000 subscribers. My channel is quite niche, so I don’t expect any miracles. At the time of writing this I have 236 subscribers. Watch-time and the number of views are even more important and I am hoping to improve those. I am not good with keeping track of YouTube analytics. I tend to forget to check them.
  2. I am toying with the idea of joining Patreon and create a class for Skillshare, however this depends on the growth of my YouTube channel.
  3. I want to learn how to sculpt humans.
  4. I still want to continue with painting and drawing and have recently bought a course by Kirsty Partridge, an artist I really admire and follow on YouTube. Her work is lovely – check her out here.I want to work through her course this year.
  5. I want to dedicate more time to making silver jewellery, especially silver clay. I already have the kiln and a few packs of silver clay to get me back into it.
  6. Work on new designs and finish older projects.
  7. Go on a holiday – we were not able to go on a holiday last year – due to finances and the fact that hubby is busy with his Aquaponics project which has taken over our garage and garden. I fancy holidaying in the UK – Lake District, Cornwall or Pembrokeshire. Hopefully this year the summer will be not as meh as last year.
  8. I also want to lose a lot of weight this year. At the beginning of last year, I had a pulled a muscle in my right calf, which was quite painful and meant that I couldn’t exercise for months. I put on a lot of weight due to this and generally did not take much care of what I was eating – Christmas didn’t help. The result is that I don’t fit into some of my clothes. So, this year I want address this issue. I got an exercise bike for Christmas I want to use regularly. I also have exercise DVD’s and I want to try running when the weather is getting better. I am also thinking of trying out this website Fitsteps – they teach dance moves as seen on Strictly and it is also run by Strictly coaches. I am also looking into taking tap dancing lessons I am contemplating joining Slimming World. 

And that’s it – my review of 2019 and my plans for 2020.I hope you found this post interesting. What are your plans for this year? Let me know in the comments below. And if you want regular updates from me – make sure to subscribe here.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Helen x

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