Black & white dog sculpture


Cute black and white dog sculpture handcrafted with polymer clay. After curing this sculpture has been hand painted with black and white acrylic paints.

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The inspiration for this cute black and white dog sculpture came from Hattie – my friends’ dog. A few years ago their old dog died and they wanted to give a new rescue dog a home. When I saw Hattie’s photo on the 4 Paws website I had to share it with them and they were smitten. Hattie is a cross between a Border Collie and something else.  As we can’t have a dog, Hattie is the closest to a dog we get when we meet up with our friends for walkies. Anyway – this sculpture is entirely handcrafted with polymer clay, which has been painted with black and white acrylic paints and then varnished with matte varnish.

What the dog is made with:

  • polymer clay
  • cocktail stick
  • wire
  • white gesso
  • black and white acrylic paint
  • matte varnish

Measurements: The dog is about 6,5 cm high (2.5 inches) and 6 cm wide (from front paws to tail) (2.36 inches).

This sculpture is a one-of-a-kind. I am happy to take on commissions for dog sculptures though. Commissions for this type of sculpture start at £50 as there is a lot of work involved. You can also find other animal sculptures in my shop.