Curled up white & black cat sculpture


Curled up white & black cat sculpture – handcrafted with polymer clay.

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The curled up cat is another one of my favourite cat poses  and the inspiration behind this curled up white & black cat sculpture. Isn’t it just adorable? The sculpture is handcrafted with polymer clay in black and white and has been painted with acrylic paint after baking – mainly because the white clay discoloured so I had to paint it, which you can imagine is quite time consuming. The cat has my signature cane attached to its belly. This little cat would make a great gift for the cat lover in your life – or for yourself.

What she’s made with:

  • polymer clay in black, white and pink
  • wire
  • cocktail stick
  • varnish
  • black, white and red acrylic paint

Measurements: The cat is about 6,5 cm long and about 4 cm  wide (at its widest point).

Only one cat sculpture of this kind is available. However you can find cats in other colour combinations and poses in the shop.


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