Faux Boulder Opal rings – gold bronze


Beautiful faux Boulder Opal rings on gold bronze plated adjustable ring bands – handcrafted with polymer clay in various colours.

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Boulder Opals are mainly found in Australia and are beautiful minerals which come with a hefty price tag. So the next best thing is to use polymer clay to imitate Boulder Opals. These pretty Boulder Opal rings – gold bronze plated –  are handcrafted with different colours of clay – red, copper, gold, brown, black and translucent. They also have added glitter and Mica powders in green and blue. They are glued onto adjustable gold bronze plated ring bands.

What it’s made with:

  • Polymer clay in red, gold, brown, black, copper and translucent
  • mica powders and fine glitter in green and blue
  • gold bronze plated ring band (adjustable)
  • each ring is about 2 cm in diameter


3 rings of this design are available. However they all look slightly different. Please state the number underneath the photo of the ring you want to order.