Polymer clay seahorse pendant

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Polymer clay seahorse pendant handcrafted with polymer clay, Mica powders and varnish.

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Seahorses are super cute – and unusual in the animal kingdom, because it’s the male who carries the babies.If you love seahorses, then you might like this oval polymer clay seahorse pendant. It has been handcrafted with polymer clay, Mica powder and varnish.It is one-of-a-kind.

What it’s made with:

  • polymer clay in pearl
  • Mica powders in silver and gold
  • silver plated chain
  • 9mm silver plated lobster clasp
  • varnish
  • The pendant is approximately 4cm long (1,5 inches) and 3cm wide at its widest point.

Length: the silver plated chain measures 18 inches (45cm)

1 seahorse pendant is available.