Two-toed sloth sculpture


Handcrafted cute two -toed sloth (also Choloepus) sculpture – made with polymer clay.

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Thanks to the TV show  “Gogglebox”, sloths have become really popular in recent years. I adore sloths and one of my ambitions is to visit the Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica, where they care for orphaned sloths. The Choloepus or two-toed sloth inspired me to create this cute sloth sculpture. I love their cute little faces with their pig-like snouts. Sloths are friendly animals who need a lot of affection when they are babies and lots of time to digest their food.

What he’s made with:

  • polymer clay in ecru, brown and pink.
  • small glass beads for the eyes
  • varnish

Measurements: This sculpture is about 5,5 cm tall and 4 cm wide.

Only 1 two-toed sloth is available. However you can also find other animal sculptures in the shop.