Valais Blacknose sheep sculpture Rachel


This cute Valais Blacknose sheep has been handcrafted with polymer clay. Her name is Rachel.

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Valais Blacknose sheep are the cutest sheep in the world and are the inspiration behind Rachel. This small Valais Blacknose sheep sculpture stands on a green patch of grass and is looking for a loving forever home. Rachel has been carefully handcrafted with white, black and green polymer clay. Two small black glass beads form her eyes.

What she’s made with:

Polymer clay in white, black and green

Cocktail stick end

4mm black glass beads


At her highest point (her head) Rachel measures approximately 5 cm and is about 6 cm wide.

Rachel is a one-of-a-kind sheep and wants to be adopted. However she has some brothers and sisters in the shop. Two small black glass beads form her eyes.