As you might have guessed I have a newsletter you can sign up to here. If goes out monthly (with the occasional email in between) and it is a great way to stay in touch with me for those people who don’t give a hoot about social media – and those who rarely see my various pages on Facebook and Instagram.

I am always super happy when people subscribe to it. And if you haven’t yet, maybe it’s because you worry about getting spammed or that I sell your details to a third party. Let me reassure you – neither is the case. Spamming would mean I would have to write to you almost every day – but frankly I wouldn’t know where to find that extra time. I hate spam as much as you do and have the same worries when I sign up for things.

My guarantee to you when you sign up: your details are safe and what’s more you can unsubscribe easily either using the unsubscribe button on the email.  Of course I will be sad when you do leave my list, but I won’t lose too much sleep over it. You might come back at another time.
So with this out of the way – I want to give you:

8 good reasons why you should subscribe:

1. You will receive exclusive offers or discounts
2. You will find inspiration for gift ideas for those people in your life, who are difficult to buy for.
3. When you sign up you will get as thank you a 10% discount code to use for your first order.
4.You get an insight into how I create my designs.
5. You get an update of my blog posts.
6. You will be the first to see my new designs.
7. You will learn about some of the materials and semi-precious stones I use.
8. I respect you and your inbox – I promise you not to spam you.

And this is it – my 8 reasons why you should subscribe to my newsletter.
Thanks for reading – oh and if I was able to convince you. You can subscribe to my newsletter below.

And if you do, please make sure to check your spam folder – you are likely to find my confirmation email there.

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