Walking your cat – is more common than you think

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know that my husband and I walk our cat Bobby not only in the neighbourhood, but also in the local forest. We started this at an early age with her mainly because we live on a very busy road and have seen dead cats on it in the past – so didn’t want her to roam around. She still raises eyebrows when we are out and about, but I don’t care, plus often we get positive comments and compliments for our gorgeous moggie.

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Sleep at last

After a short night on Sunday, we took our mog out again to the woods. Unfortunately it was not as quiet as last week on Friday, when most people were too busy watching Britain’s Got Talent or whatever. We encountered … Read More

Walks in the woods

Friday evening I walked Bobs in the neighbourhood but didn’t get very far. So when hubby came home from work we decided to take her up to the Wenallt. It’s a nice forest, but parking can be a bit of … Read More

Is it a crime to walk your cat?

This is a serious question. My husband has been stopped three times within the space of four months when he was innocently walking our mog. They just couldn’t believe their eyes. The last time he was actually offering them to … Read More

Bobby’s story

In this post I share with you how we adopted two cats, Harry and Bobby, but ended up with just our Bobby.… Read More