New polymer clay pendants

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I decided to create animal themed jewellery, mainly because I love animals esp. cats (no surprise there) and would wear these myself. So now you can find a lot of cute earrings – horses, dinosaurs, cats, flying horses, elephants, tortoises, turtles, owls, dragonflies, hummingbirds and howling wolves which you can all find here. I will add more earrings in the near future. … Read More

How to… create an interesting necklace with a Chalk Turquoise pendant.

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A while ago I bought a selection of Chalk Turquoise pendants and didn’t really think much about what to do with them – the end result was a rather dull and uninspired necklace.As nice as the pendant looks on its own – something was just missing. So I decided to experiment a little with wire and different ways of wrapping the pendant. It has two side drilled holes which determine the direction of the wrap. I first started with thicker wire of 0.8mm but realised that I couldn’t cross the wires within the holes and thus not wrap it the way I wanted it.… Read More