Polymania 2015, Day 2

This is the second part of a three-part review of the Polymania event in Bristol (13-15 March 2015). On the second day we learned from Bettina Welker how to make a swiveling necklace.… Read More

Polydays 2012 Part 3 – Alison Gallant’s Reversible Necklace

Polydays organiser Alison Gallant taught our group on the final “Polyday”. Alison is an internationally renowned British polymer clay artist with over 20 years of claying experience. She is also a regular contributor of “Making Jewellery” magazine and I have attended a course of hers before a few years ago – I have also written about this for Making Jewellery.
For the “Polydays” Alison chose an elaborate and quite complicated project – a necklace that can be worn in two different ways as the beads all have two sides – a rough black dome shaped and the flat front. Complicated, because it requires several steps of preparation and baking.… Read More

How to… create an interesting necklace with a Chalk Turquoise pendant.

A while ago I bought a selection of Chalk Turquoise pendants and didn’t really think much about what to do with them – the end result was a rather dull and uninspired necklace.As nice as the pendant looks on its own – something was just missing. So I decided to experiment a little with wire and different ways of wrapping the pendant. It has two side drilled holes which determine the direction of the wrap. I first started with thicker wire of 0.8mm but realised that I couldn’t cross the wires within the holes and thus not wrap it the way I wanted it.… Read More

The Making of… Chalk Turquoise necklace with wire worked donut

In this post I want to show you how I created a necklace with stabilized chalk Turquoise beads, drops, donut and 20 gauge wire (0,8mm wire). I always wanted to learn more wire-work techniques and when I bought the donuts I experimented with 18 inch silver plated 20 gauge wire until I settled for this design:… Read More

Bobby as a jewellery model..

This weekend I discovered that our cat Bobby is the perfect model for my jewellery. On Saturday I had a photographer around from the Echo, who took photos of me (and I pointed out that Bobby would be a better model than me) for an article about migraines and the Migraine Action Cardiff Support Group I founded on Facebook. I don’t like having my own photos taken, as I don’t think I am photogenic, but as it was for a good cause I said yes. So obviously I also decided to wear at least one piece of my jewellery, which happened to be this gorgeous Tourmaline necklace.
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