Spotlight on..Welsh independent animal charity Friends of the Animals RCT.

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The current economic climate means that it’s harder for charities to get the cash strapped public to donate. This especially affects the smaller charities and voluntary organisations which get little exposure in the media. One of them I’d like to draw your attention to, especially if you are living in Wales, is “Friends of the Animals RCT”, which is not a registered charity yet.

Eileen Jones started this organisation in 2003 when her micro-chipped Yorkshire Terrier Sophie went missing. Despite her efforts of finding her by putting up posters and distributing leaflets Sophie never returned.… Read More

Bobby as a jewellery model..

This weekend I discovered that our cat Bobby is the perfect model for my jewellery. On Saturday I had a photographer around from the Echo, who took photos of me (and I pointed out that Bobby would be a better model than me) for an article about migraines and the Migraine Action Cardiff Support Group I founded on Facebook. I don’t like having my own photos taken, as I don’t think I am photogenic, but as it was for a good cause I said yes. So obviously I also decided to wear at least one piece of my jewellery, which happened to be this gorgeous Tourmaline necklace.
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