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A few months ago I started uploading videos on YouTube – these were all videos of our cat Bobby. It was my first attempt at working with videos with the view to create tutorials and videos which feature my business. Yesterday I finally got round to creating my first video tutorial – with a little help of my husband, who filmed the whole thing in three parts. He also helped me editing it, which took the better part of yesterday. It’s very time consuming when you are new to creating videos.
When we filmed it I was talking through the whole thing, but when I watched it back I didn’t like it and didn’t want to do a voiceover. So in the end I decided to put inserts in which explain what I am trying to show. The final part was to find royalty free music which would run in the background. My husband found a useful link and we had a good search. The music I have chosen is slightly shorter than the video, so we let it start a few seconds in.
Anyway with no further ado here’s the video. Hope you like it. I already had a lot of positive comments from fellow polymer clayers.

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