How to clean your pasta machine

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In today’s post I explain to you how I clean my pasta machine – with the help of 2 YouTube video tutorials I created.

When you work with clay it’s inevitable that a lot of clay sticks to the rollers of the pasta machine. The worst culprit for stickiness is actually FIMO. To avoid colour contamination I tend to organise  my colours in advance and condition the lightest colours first and the darkest last. This is however not always practical.

Pasta machine - Atlas 150

One quick way to clean your machine in between colours is simply to use a piece of white scrap clay and pass it through the machine a few times. If you want a more thorough clean you need to use baby wipes and paper towel. The video shows you how I clean the machine with both. I tend to insert the wipe between the rollers, while turning the handle and going through several settings and wipe it dry afterward with the paper towel.

The wooden skewer helps you to get to the harder to reach places and scrape off clay which is stuck in the plastic scrapers underneath the rollers.

It’s really worthwhile to clean your machine regularly after heavy usage, simply to avoid unpleasant surprises when you use light olours.

If you don’t clean it often, then you might have to open up the machine – i.e. take the front and back panels off to give the machine a more thorough clean.

For this video I have done this for the first time since I bought it six years ago. My machine is an Atlas 150mm, I don’t know how and if you can unscrew the panels of other machines.

Be warned when you do this – it’s really fiddly and difficult to put it back together again! I struggled especially with one of the nuts which just didn’t grip on to the long screw which holds the side panels together. And since re-assembling the machine,  it does rattle a bit more than usual!

Anyway check out this video – I had to resort to taking photos instead of filming the process as it was so tricky to take apart and put together.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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